Amber’s Story
Wedding Date: June 21, 2003
Style #: 138 - (Retired Style)

As every little girl does I have dreamt of my wedding day my whole life. I would daydream about my prince charming ridding to sweep me off my feet as they do in the fair tales. The day finally came when my prince came galloping into my life like a whirlwind after a summer storm. That first part of my dream was coming true and I realized that when he first took me into his inviting arms and said baby Im falling in love with you. The years passed by quickly as they always do. We talked about spending our lifes together sharing every experience under the sun. I knew the day was coming and I couldnt wait. Finally after throwing me off for weeks I found myself on a small boat feeding ducks like I loved to do as a girl I read a note that said will you marry me? I turned to him in surprise and confused as I turned and the sun was setting over the Newport coast line he was there on his knee ring in hand and said. I cant image a life with out you in it if youll have me Will you be my wife will you marry me? With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I shrieked YES!!! The next few month were filled with constant planning of that dream wedding. I had my prince I had my castle I was only lacking my princess dress. I cant tell you the countless hours and countless dresses I tried on and cried over. Until I found it it was the same dress that little girl dreamt of all those years ago. With a little help from Bonny the last part of my dream was finished. I as I walked down the aisle on that perfect day I played the part of the princess. Confidently walking into the arms of my prince. My dress made that day the last piece of my puzzle but with out of doubt the most important.