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Unforgettable Retired Gowns Effective 07/15/2012

Each season, when a new line comes out, we must select gowns to be retired from the current collection. Our Fall 2012 Collection is now available to our brides! We must say goodbye to some of our beloved styles. The following gowns will be retired from the Unforgettable Collection, effective 07/15/2012. We will honor special orders on any of these gowns until 07/31/2012 so, if your dream dress is on this list please make sure you head to your local Bonny Bridal retailer and get your order placed for your gown...once they are retired, they are gone for good! 

 Style 1002
  Style 1016
  Style 1103
  Style 1105
  Style 1107
  Style 1111
  Style 1112
  Style 1113
  Style 1114
  Style 1115
  Style 1116
  Style 1117
  Style 1121
 Style 1122
 Style 1202
  Style 1205
  Style 1213
 Style 1701